Blac Chyna seems to have her hands full as the mother of two continues to cause controversy. This time, all eyes are on the 28-year-old as she gets work permits for her two kids. Chyna was spotted leaving a government building in Los Angeles on March 30 as she obtained the permits for 4-year-old son King Cairo and 4-month-old Dream Kardashian.

Why Chyna needed work permits

So far, it's speculated Chyna sought the work permits for King and Dream so the kids could be paid for appearing in reality television. However, it's not known what show exactly, but it may be for "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" or a new spin-off featuring Blac Chyna.

TMZ reported on the news as Chyna is filing papers to make sure her children are paid. The site speculated it may be for a future project involving the family. "Might sound a little premature, but this is Hollywood, folks. Also, let's face it ... the family biz is all about being on camera."

Tyga upset over learning about Chyna's decision

Hollywood Life also reports Tyga is once again blindsided by Chyna getting a work permit for their son, King. "Tyga can’t believe Blac Chyna‘s making legal moves to get King Cairo to work without his consent. He doesn’t know anything about her plans and wasn’t even consulted."

It's said the 27-year-old rapper only wants his son to enjoy being a kid— and not being thrust into the spotlight.

"King needs to be in school learning, playing with his friends and enjoy being a child. Tyga’s not really interested in having him grow up in front of cameras, being a child star or whatever else Chyna’s planning to do."

Chyna calls out Tyga on Snapchat

The work permits come on the heels of a rant Chyna posted on Snapchat this week in which she calls out Tyga for failing to pay child support.

During the odd rant, Blac Chyna also accuses her ex of cheating on Kylie Jenner and not paying a babysitter. Chyna also states she has more money than Tyga as she accuses him of conspiring with Rob Kardashian behind her back.

While fans were taken aback by the Snapchat posts, it's also no surprise Tyga isn't too happy with the former stripper as she continues to question his parenting and allegedly make decisions without consulting him when it comes to their son.