Jenelle Evans gave birth to her third child earlier this year and it sounds like she’s loving her new role as a mother to a baby girl. Jenelle has been very open about her relationship with David Eason, so when she announced that she was having a baby girl, many of her fans were supportive and happy for her. With her two boys, a baby girl would complete her family and her role as a mother. However, it sounds like caring for three children is posing quite the challenge and Evans recently admitted that she's pretty torn up after the birth.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she's already looking to get back in shape after giving birth to her daughter.

Evans has previously revealed that she's unable to breastfeed because of clogged milk ducts, so she has switched to formula. But Jenelle is determined to do things right this time around.

Is Jenelle Evans getting back to normal?

It sounds like Evans didn't experience anything extreme during the birth, as she's back on her feet when it comes to working out. Her only challenge appears to be finding the time to work out, as she also has Kaiser at home with Ensley.

Of course, it is rough to get back into shape after giving birth, but Evans has given birth to three children so she knows what she's facing when it comes to getting into shape.

Plus, she may want to get back into shape, at least mentally, as she has several battles to face.

‘Teen Mom’ star Jenelle Evans still battling legal troubles

Jenelle is still dealing with some "Teen Mom 2" issues, as she's still fighting to get custody of her son Jace. While Jenelle's former boyfriend Nathan Griffith wants more time with his son Kaiser, Jenelle isn't willing to give him more time, as she feels that he doesn't value it.

And Evans wants more time with her first-born son. Her mother has legal custody of Jace, because she offered to help her out when she was just 16 years old. The agreement was that she would sign back legal rights to Jenelle, but she never kept her promise. Now, Jace is in school and Jenelle is still fighting to prove that she's a fit mother.

And it sounds like she's still battling this fight and will be battling her mother in court for some time to come.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans working to get back into shape? Are you surprised that she's looking out for herself these days, as she's dealing with so much pressure from the outside world? And do you think her mother will ever give back custody of Jace?