Yoko Ono's health is rapidly deteriorating. The widow of Beatles legend John Lennon is now confined to a wheelchair and talks of joining her beloved John in heaven in the very near future.

Friends claim Yoko Ono is preparing herself for death

Described as "fragile" by Radar Online, Yoko Ono, 84, is reported to believe that her time here on earth will soon be ending, believing that she may have only a few more months to live. A source close to Yoko told the celebrity news site that Yoko is in pretty bad shape at this time.

The source stated to RO, "She's rail thin and not doing well at all.She's always had such a great spirit, but that spark is almost gone now."

Yoko Ono wants to mend fences with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr

Yoko is also talking to those closest to her as if she is aware her time is limited. She has been talking to friends, telling them that she hopes to reunite with John in heaven. It is obvious to those close to Yoko that she is "preparing for the end." Ono was last spotted out in New York during a recent protest, something that Yoko is usually very geared up for. Those who spotted Lennon's widow described her as gaunt and listless, adding that she was too weak to even hold up a sign.

Things appear to be going downhill rather quickly for Yoko, who also recently was too weak to get through the airport on her own and was confined to a wheelchair pushed by her assistant.

Ono is best known as the woman behind John Lennon, who is also responsible for breaking up the Beatles. She has also reportedly been making attempts to make peace with surviving Beatles, Paul Mccartney, 74, and Ringo Starr, 76.

If sources close to Lennon's widow are speaking the complete truth, Yoko's health is deteriorating at a rapid pace.

It is claimed at this time that she only weighs a shocking 89 pounds and is getting weaker and weaker by the day. Things sound bad, if Ono does not get a chance to mend fences with Paul and Ringo very soon, time very well could run out.

The bitterness between Ono and the remaining Beatles members is well known among fans, and there are some who still harbor a grudge against Yoko Ono today for the breakup of one of the most popular and beloved bands in music history. Should a truce finally be called?