Outlander Season 3 star Sam Heughan may be busy preparing for filming to resume in Cape Town, South Africa later this month, but that does not stop the Scottish hunk from pulling off some Instagram antics to please fans. Heughan and onscreen love Caitriona Balfe managed to show up in Seattle for Emerald City Comicon over the weekend, and there he got lucky. Breakout star Millie Bobby Brown of the hit TV show “Stranger Things” happened to be there as well, and of course, this had to be posted online.

Heughan and his superfan moment

"Welcome to the Upside down at @emeraldcitycomicon @milliebobbybrown," Heughan wrote on Instagram.

"Play some ball in the break?" Noticeably, he’s wearing a “Stranger Things” T-shirt, which is pretty cool.

It’s not clear whether Brown and Heughan got to play ball or not, but things have been exciting (or scary) for the “Outlander” star and the rest of the Season 3 cast nonetheless. The set was recently involved in a dog-attack incident, revealed by the show's lead actors themselves.

More 'Outlander' tidbits

The show’s panel had Heughan and Balfe explain why some important scenes from Diana Gabaldon’s novel were left out. In the book on which the show is based, Balfe’s character, Claire, has been accused of being a witch by Father Bain (Tim McInnerny). Previously, it was Claire who warned the priest that he should seek help to cure dog bite wounds.

He left it untreated instead to accuse Claire of cursing him.

When the crew attempted to film the scene for Season 1, the dogs on set ended up actually attacking McInnerny, which Balfe described as “horrific.” In the novel, Father Bain survived and successfully accused Claire of sorcery, but the incident caused producers of the show to cut even more scenes, including the one that saw Claire slaughter a wolf with her bare hands.

It would have been quite the scene to watch, but presumably the crew wanted to do away with those scenes. “Outlander Season 3 returns to Starz and Amazon Prime in September 2017.