After creating prequels, sequels and adaptations of hit ideas, it appears that film and television networks are opting for a new tool to rework their favorite plots – gender swapping. This is exactly what’s going to happen to the classic comedy film “What about Bob?” NBC is currently working on a pilot of the gender-swapped version of the Bill Murray film.

What about Barb?

The new version of the classic film will be titled “What about Barb?” and it will feature the talented duo of Leah Remini and Jessica Gunning. Remini shot to fame thanks to her role in the sitcom “King of Queens," and has managed to keep her fame alive by taking on numerous other television projects, along with writing a controversial book.

Gunning has garnered a steady reputation through roles in films like “Pride," and is more than capable of drawing the comedic chops necessary to take on Bill Murray's character.

Remini will play the role of the psychiatrist, originally played by Richard Dreyfuss in the film. She will be the character relentlessly chased down by the titular Bob (now Barb), played by Gunning. The casting choice for the series is interesting, to say the least, and it has the potential of being a true, female-driven, odd-ball couple comedy on television.

Fate of the series

The original film is a true comedy classic, and easily one of Bill Murray’s most memorable roles. The show clearly has a lot to live up to, but it also has the benefit of drawing from a developed, and proven story line.

The writer of the show will be Joe Port, while Joe Wiseman will be its executive producer. The duo have already worked together on numerous projects, and have a particular expertise in creating successful sitcoms. Some of their previous projects include the likes of “Last Man Standing," “New Girl," and “The Odd Couple." With such a rich background, the show seems to be in good hands so far.

Although NBC hasn’t ordered a series yet, the pilot will be the determining factor which is why the team will be looking to put their best foot forward from day one.