Wendy Williams is not satisfied for being known only as a talk show host. Therefore, she has enlisted the services of 5W Public Relations to help her rebrand herself. The New York-based public relations firm is not working for or providing services for "The Wendy Williams Show." Instead, the company was hired to help Williams, the individual, and Wendy Williams Productions.

Wendy's publicist

According to Jill Ramsey, 5W is Williams' exclusive publicist. Ramsey is the president of Wendy Inc. and Wendy Williams Productions. Ramsey shared that they looked at more than one public relations firm, but 5W seems to be the ideal one because their team thinks outside the box.

The search for such a company started last summer, and the public relation firm was brought on board in January. Besides Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5W Public Relations, there are five others on the team. So far, the 15-year-old firm is doing great work, but it's too soon to describe it as successful since beginning to work for Williams only a couple of months ago. In the past, the firm has been praised and criticized for its aggressive methods of getting things done.

What is 5W doing for Williams?

The main thing 5W is doing is providing public relations services to Wendy Williams Productions that includes publicity and media interviews. The firm makes contacts with partners and handles communications for Williams’ HSN clothing lines and the Hunter Foundation that she and her husband founded to help improve the lives of children and their families.

Wendy does have a lot going on other than sitting in her pink chair and dishing out gossip about celebrities. The public relations firm is making sure people know this.

What Williams wants viewers to know

Wendy wants viewers to know there is so much more to her than what they see on the air. Besides her hour-long show, the 52-year-old talk host is also an actress, stand-up comedian, entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, and former radio personality. The 5W Public Relations firm will make sure Williams, whose net worth is reportedly to be $60 million, will get recognition for being more than just a talk show host.