As the double doors open and “The Wendy Williams show” begins, millions of people from all over the world tune in for the latest celebrity gossip. Wendy Williams, who has considerably calmed down since her messy radio days, speaks about everything and everyone. Wearing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry on her arms and constantly promote her clothing line, the talk show host tries to bridge the gap between the audience and herself by making it seem as though she is not that rich or privileged. For anyone who knows her history, that is simply not that case.

She has been privileged since birth

Wendy Williams has always been the black girl that tried a little too hard to fit the stereotype. From a nice area of New Jersey, Wendy grew up with parents that were both educators. She has said many times that her parents expected her to marry a lawyer or a doctor but then life happened. Though she has obviously worked hard to get to where she is right now, if she did fall flat on her face in her attempt to make it in the entertainment industry, she would have had her parents to fall back on. There are times during Wendy’s show where she will make comments that pertaining a large sum of money and make it seem as though the average person could actually afford that.

She will then realize her mistake and attempt to make herself relatable by talking about her weekend or some outlandish thing that she does. Those attempts often come across as disingenuous and something which makes viewers give her the side eye.

Wendy has a brand that she needs to protect

Like most talk show hosts, Wendy has found her niche and is sticking with it.

She cannot replace the great Oprah Winfrey, so instead, she went the complete opposite route. That is understandable and something that I do not blame her for doing. However, if you are going to make yourself the everyday woman that you can gossip with at the grocery store, then she has to make a better effort to at least come across as genuine.

For once, I would like Wendy just to state that she is worth a reported $60 million dollars. It would not make people turn their televisions off but instead would give viewers a more realistic look at the life that she lives. She makes it seem as though she is struggling and living from paycheck to paycheck which is clearly not the case. Wendy needs to realize that along the way, she lost touch on reality and that she is not that different from the Hollywood elite that she constantly mocks.