Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall found love on "The Bachelor" 2017, but both of them have been accused of wanting fame and not just love. The fact that Vanessa has a past in acting has everyone wondering if she just wants to get an acting job and that is why she did the show.

Vanessa's acting past details revealed

Vanessa is now living in Hollywood so that she can support Nick Viall while he is on "Dancing With the Stars." She does even have an IMDb page that shows what past acting jobs she did and everyone wonders if she wants to be an actress. Vanessa was on a 2010 episode of "Blue Mountain State." This was actually a long time ago.

TV Director John Fortenberry even spoke out and said, "I remember her in a few episodes, but not to a great extent." It wasn't like she was someone who was all over the director and trying to land a huge job on the show it sounds like. John went on to say, "She never had much of a substantial role. Given the nature of that show, we had quite a few attractive girls."

This wasn't the only acting that Vanessa Grimaldi did, though. She was also on the show "Being Human" in 2011 and also "Ascension" in 2014. She never had a big role where she could prove what she was capable of doing. Vanessa moved on from acting, though. She hasn't had a role in a while and was working as a special education teacher in Canada when she went on "The Bachelor" with Nick Viall.

In a recent interview, Vanessa Grimaldi shared about her acting past. She revealed saying, "It’s funny that I acted — barely acted — back in Montreal. It was something that I tapped into in the summertime while I wasn’t working, since school goes from September to June, as a part-time thing for a very short amount of time." She wants to make sure everyone knows that it was just something she did and that this doesn't mean it was the career she wanted to have full-time in the future.

She loved her job as a special education teacher so it wouldn't be surprising at all if she decided to continue doing the same thing.

Do you feel like Vanessa Grimaldi joined the show for the right reasons? Do you think that Nick and Vanessa will last? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss watching Nick Viall on "Dancing With the Stars" on Monday nights on ABC.