"Bachelor" spoilers have been abundant for weeks and most fans who have read said spoilers know who Nick Viall is supposedly going to propose to at the end of all of this. With Hometown Dates just about here, many fans are wondering what's going to happen on Nick's journey to find love. As he heads home with four women (Raven, Corinne, Vanessa, and Rachel), Nick is going to have some of his relationships progress and some fall behind.

Who does Nick send home after Hometown Dates?

Although he seems to have a strong connection with this season's villain, things are going to end for Nick and Corinne after he meets her family in Florida.

It's unclear what exactly will happen that will make him realize that Corinne isn't for him, but she is the one who gets sent home tonight.

What happens with Vanessa?

Frontrunner and rumored winner of Nick's heart, Vanessa Grimaldi is going to have a hard time after she brings her boyfriend home to meet her family. Sources say that Vanessa got really emotional and started having a really hard time with the nature of the beast -- that is, she starts to let Nick's relationships with the other women bother her. Although she has been fairly level-headed throughout much of the season, Vanessa evidently realizes that she's really in love with Nick Viall and she can't hold it in any longer. Could this be the moment that our "Bachelor" also realizes that he's in love too?

You'll have to tune in tonight to find out!

Who are Nick Viall's final two women on 'The Bachelor'?

Next week, Nick will send Rachel Lindsay home after the Fantasy Suite dates and will be left to choose between Vanessa and Raven on the show's finale, airing next month. Very early on, "Reality Steve" predicted the outcome of the show and has stood by his word: Nick chooses Vanessa and the two are engaged.

There has been some chatter about "Bachelor" spoilers being incorrect, but it seems like this is going to be the way things go. We already know that Rachel Lindsay is the next "Bachelorette," so the choices have narrowed themselves down accordingly.