Ultimate Beastmaster is one of the newest originals from Netflix in the same niche as “Ninja Warrior.” The show is produced by Sylvester Stallone who produces the show and introduces the first episode, but he promptly disappears into a sea of shattered egos and realized dreams. The overall energized tone of the show is thoroughly established by the competitors and the commentators as well. Terry Crews, from “White Chicks” and “Everybody Hates Chris,” and television personality Charissa Thompson host the show for the Americans.

People from all over the world

Ultimate Beastmaster” does something uniquely different from other shows like Ninja Warrior.” The contestants are not from just one country, but several countries from around the world including: Brazil, America, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, and Japan.

Each country is also represented by a pair of announcers as well. Brazilian commentators comedian Rafinha Bastos and professional fighter Anderson Silva are a standout pair with their cynical remarks and unique rivalry with Germany. Moreover, Korean commentators and television/radio personalities Seo Kyung Suk and Park Kyeong Rim are also a highlight of the show with their emotional play by play often erupting in spontaneous dance.

A wide range of athletes

Aside from the personalities hosting the show, the competitors are comprised of athletes from around the world from a variety of physical backgrounds. Some competitors originate from a wide range of occupational backgrounds such as: former Olympic medalists, special forces, soldiers, rock climbers, ice climbers, break dancers, parkour artists, professional video game players, fight instructors, and a multitude of other professions.

Ultimate Beastmaster” is designed to emulate a video game and level one of the course is made up of large jumps and strength challenges, along with a sinking tube that will test the agility of even the most seasoned crossfitters in the world. Twelve competitors battle on the course, but only the top eight scorers move on.

Shake, rattle, and roll

Level two of the “Ultimate Beastmaster” is an obstacle course designed to literally shake up participates. Almost every single obstacle challenge in level two is designed to disorient the competitor, make the competitor lose their footing, or challenge the competitor's reach. Eight people enter this round and only five can advance to the next level.

Level three is known as the energy pyramid and it is all about managing energy properly to accomplish an objective. The obstacles of level three certainly help eliminate the competitors that need help with endurance. Five contestants enter the level and only two walk out.

The power source is the final level and is centered around the contestant managing their power properly.

A giant wall is the last challenge, with the wall towering in well over six stories, and the final two contestants must race each other in a climb to the top!

The winner is...

Felipe Camargo, a rock climber from Brazil, won the first season of “Ultimate Beastmaster” with an epic event that saw him take the lead above an impressive display from South Korean ice climber Heeyong Park. The first season of “Ultimate Beastmaster” was a huge success and a highly entertaining watch for the whole family!