Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso tweeted a teaser image recently with the words "Under Construction" which featured a hybrid of Hulk and Wolverine in a test tube in a lab. The strange image shows the body of Hulk with Wolverine's signature claws ejecting from both hands. Furthermore, the test tube is labeled 'Batch-H' which does not tie directly to any experiment, organization, or project currently going on in the Marvel comics.

Batch-H is a sinister project

'Batch-h' clearly refers to Hulk, and the labeling and experimentation evoke themes that are commonly seen with the Weapon-X project that created the beloved Wolverine.

Marvel has pitted Wolverine and Hulk against each other before in a couple of different battles across multiple forms of media from comics to cartoons. Their battles are usually epic and bloody, with one battle even seeing Wolverine being ripped in half by the Hulk and then regenerating. Nobody has ever dared to combine the two men into one dangerous creature.

Their deaths in the comics

Wolverine is officially dead right now in the Marvel comics, after being killed while shutting down a new version of the Weapon-X program during 2014. Also, Bruce Banner was killed by Hawkeye, the same one from the Avengers, last year during the Civil War II events. All of this means that it would be entirely plausible for a conniving super-villain or faction to collect the genetic material of Hulk and Wolverine, or even the bodies of the men themselves, for a deadly experiment in a bid to create the new ultimate weapon.

Who is in control?

Furthermore, the teaser leaves fans wondering about this new hybrid character. If Wolverine and Hulk's bodies were merged, who would be in control? Would Bruce Banner be able to shoot adamantium claws out of his knuckles while in his human form? Would this new hybrid have all of the twisted memories of Wolverine's past to fuel his green rage?

There are still a lot of unknown details about this new addition to the Marvel comics world, but fans across the globe are intrigued by the new reveal.

Hulk and Wolverine had a baby

A merging of Hulk and Wolverine could create a new breed of superhero that has never been seen before in the Marvel Comics or any comic for that matter.

Hulk is generally considered unstoppable with his powers growing with his rage, while the self-healing Wolverine typically deals with something or someone dark from his long twisted past. Moreover, the interesting mixture of an aggressive Logan and a timid Bruce Banner's personalities could provide for a lot of dark comedy. Marvel has still not announced anything else about the hybrid character, so it is unclear if this hybrid will join the Avengers, the X-men, or simply be a single character plagued by the demons that haunt both Bruce Banner and Logan.

Replicating Weapon-X

The list of people and organizations over the years who have tried to replicate Wolverine is long and numerous. We have never seen anything that comes close to this hybrid of Hulk and Wolverine. It is unclear as to how the hybrid character will tie into the Marvel comics storylines, but expect to hear more in the next few months as the debut of the character draws near.