The fans have been wondering if Tyler Christopher might be returning to "General Hospital" as Nikolas. Everyone can't imagine anyone else playing the role and since there was no body found everyone is sure that Nikolas isn't really dead and will be returning at some point. The sad thing is Tyler confirmed on Twitter that he will not be returning to the show in the future.

What is going on with Nikolas on "GH"?

Tyler actually commented that he is migrating to Nashville. A fan asked why and he didn't answer that part, but he did answer about "General Hospital." When asked if he is gone, he said: "I'm off for good." There is no way that he will be coming back to the show in the future.

Tyler is ready to move on to something else.

Now when it comes to if they will end up recasting Nikolas, nobody really knows if they will or not. The fact that there wasn't a body, means they are leaving it wide open. They could decide to bring him back now or years from now. Nathan Varni said he was hoping to bring back Spencer Cassadine in May. That would be the perfect time for a recast just in time for May sweeps. There aren't really any rumors yet about who could end up being cast, but they do have some pretty big shoes to fill, and it may not be an easy role at all for them.

Nobody knows for sure what is going to happen with Nikolas on "General Hospital," but for now the fans are going to have to wait and find out.

Sadly it is obvious that Tyler Christopher is done and moving on so they will need to find someone new to play the role if they bring him back again. The fans may have trouble embracing a new actor, but it isn't like they aren't used to things like this happening. It would actually be a lot stranger if Nikolas didn't end up showing back up at some point.

Are you shocked to hear that Tyler Christopher is done with "General Hospital"? Do you think that they will end up casting someone new as Nikolas? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "General Hospital" weekdays on ABC.