Keanu Reeves has had a really good start to his year after the blockbuster success of his action film “John Wick 2”. The actor is known for being one of the biggest action stars of his generation, and has rarely taken on a script that tends to challenge his acting chops. “The Starling” must just be that film that forces Reeves out of his comfort zone.

Dealing with a tragedy

There is no doubt that Keanu Reeves has gotten the role of a bad-ass down by this point. You can cast him in any film that will require him to be silently menacing, and he will deliver unconditionally.

The actor has always faced criticism for taking on one-dimensional characters over the course of his three-decade long career, and he might just be finally willing to make a change.

According to reports by Deadline, Keanu Reeves and Isla Fisher might be cast in Dome Karukoski’s new film titled “The Starling”. The script has been in limbo for quite some time now, but it has finally resurfaced due to the fact that it is considered one of the best original scripts out there, and casting rumors have finally narrowed down the aforementioned actors.

The Starling” is going to be a comedy-drama dealing with some heavy material. Reeves and Fisher will play a couple dealing with the recent tragic death of their son.

In order to grieve in peace, Fisher’s character decides to take a break by herself, leaving Reeve’s to mourn on his own.

In order to be more constructive during his time alone, he decides to surprise his wife by building a garden for his wife in their backyard. Although things start off smoothly enough, he faces a very strange obstacle in the form of a starling that continuously bothers him during his endeavor.

After failing to rid himself of the bird, Reeve’s character tracks down a veterinarian in order to safely rid himself of his problem.

The story takes a dramatic twist when the lead finds out that his vet was actually a psychiatrist who decided to leave his former profession in order to help the animals he adores dearly. The two bond over this incident and their relationship takes an unexpected turn from that point.

A modern ‘Raven’

You can’t help but draw a comparison between this story and the famous poem “The Raven”, penned by Edgar Allen Poe, and that is quite a compliment. The story is undoubtedly unique, and it will require a strong acting performance to do it justice.

Although it looks to be heavily leaning towards the drama genre, the film is being sold as a comedy as well, and I can see humor being created during the moments of conflict between Keanu Reeves and the titular starling.

Matt Harris is the mind behind this brilliant script, while Dylan Sellers and Kevin Frakes are the muscle behind bringing this project together. There has been no confirmation regarding the cast so far, but we will keep you posted as this story develops.