There has been a lot of talk lately that Todd Chrisley owed the government a lot of money. Now the reality star is finally speaking out about these rumors, and honestly, he is laughing them off. The thing is Todd is saying it isn't true, but he is also saying that his lawyer is hard at work, so something is going on at least. There have been several reports about this, but Todd has been staying quiet until now.

What did Todd Chrisley reveal?

While at LAX on Thursday, Todd Chrisley spoke to reports about what is going on. The reports have been that Todd owes the money to the State Of Georgia.

WSB-TV in Atlanta originally reported that it had been years since Todd and his wife Julie had paid taxes to the state of Georgia.

When TMZ got the chance to interview Todd Chrisley, he talked to them about the taxes and didn't hold back. Todd knew about the reports and asked them if they believed everything that they report. Todd said that they are not true and that people love to write a story because his name sells a story. He even told TMZ that is why they were out there talking to him now. Todd Chrisley doesn't mind the attention at all, though. It has to help the ratings on their show "Chrisley Knows Best" on USA.

Todd even told them that they have the story wrong. He explained that he has homes in four states.

He has one in Georgia, Nashville, Florida and one where they were at in LA. He said he doesn't need to settle it because it is not true, but he has attornies that work with it all. They could be trying to do something about the fake stories, but Todd Chrisley didn't go on to explain what is keeping his attornies so busy but did say that they need to make a living.

Everyone is curious what he means, but at that point Todd was doing talking to TMZ and ready to get a car and leave.

Did you believe the rumors that Todd Chrisley owed $800K in taxes? Do you think that he is telling the truth? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Chrisley Knows Best" on USA.