Hey, "Once Upon A Time" fans. Man, have we got one mean promo/spoiler clip (below) for you guys, today. ABC served it up, last night. It's for the upcoming episode 14 of this season 6. It looks crazy intense ,too, as we finally get the big showdown that we've all been waiting for. However, things don't appear to be working out well for Regina as she's seen, getting her butt handed to her by the Evil Queen. We also get a glimpse of the other characters at times, but this showdown is definitely the main attraction. No doubt about it.

It's "Page 23"

In their very short teaser description, here's what they had to say: Next Sunday, Regina versus Evil Queen. One final showdown! Unfortunately, they haven't released the full episode description yet, but I think that gives us the major gist of what will be happening. Who will win? Will Regina be able to pull a trick out of her hat that her evil alter ego doesn't know about? Or will the evil win out? Judging from this promo clip, things definitely aren't looking good for Regina. Oh, and this episode is titled: "Page 23."

Where is Snow?

In the new clip, they start things off by giving us a new look at the Evil Queen back in action, asking: "where is she?" "Where is Snow White?" After that, we get a glimpse of Snow, looking pretty panicked.

Next, they show Regina, expressing that the Evil Queen will hurt everyone that she cares about! From there, they reveal that we're about to see a major showdown between Regina and the Evil Queen as they're both spotted, facing off. At one point, Regina is spotted, uttering the words: "Our fight ends today." After that, they make their fighting swords magically appear, and just straight up, go at it in a major duel!

She hits the wall hard

Next, they show a flurry of different scenes that feature Robin Hood, Hook and Emma in action. Then finally, we get to the end, which features more of Regina and the Evil Queen's duel, but things don't look so bright for Regina as her sword gets knocked away and she gets thrown up against a wall extremely hard after the Evil Queen says: "Lets finish this." It looks hella intense. Be sure to check it out, below, and stay tuned. Episode 14 is scheduled to arrive on Sunday night, March 26th at 7pm central time on ABC.