If Milo Ventimiglia has his way, "This Is Us" fans will be all cuddling their four-legged friends next week, when the final episode of the season airs on NBC. While he's previously confirmed that fans won't be seeing how Jack really died this season, he did say that they need to be prepared to see an emotional Season Finale.

Kate believes she is the cause of Jack's demise; spoilers ahead!

According to People Magazine, Kate and Jack, obviously, have a special relationship. And in this week's episode, titled "What Now?", we saw that Kate blames herself for Jack's death.

We also saw that the so-called "happy relationship" between Jack and Rebecca was starting to show signs of wear and tear, especially as Rebecca left to go to Cleveland with the band she joined that's led by her former boyfriend. Jack didn't find out until recently that the band was led by Rebecca's former boyfriend, and this has caused a rift in their relationship.

On this week's episode, Kate expressed her concern for the status of her parents' relationship, and Jack assured her that everything was okay. Meanwhile, Jack was propositioned by Heather, his co-worker, and turned her down forcefully to let her know that she was crossing the line.

"This is a couple that loves one another; they just find themselves in disrepair.

They both need to take that moment for themselves to decide, “What is it we need to do? How is it we need to communicate?” Milo Ventimiglia told People Magazine in an exclusive interview.

Milo Ventimiglia went on to say that drinking will play a big part in Jack's death -- in essence, Jack is looking to self-destruct. He also said that Jack's death is not Kate's fault, even thought she blames herself for his demise.

As for why she blames herself for the death of her father, Milo didn't give any insight into that, but he did promise that future episodes would explore this topic.

However, he also said that even though the viewers know he's running out of time, Jack doesn't have that self-awareness, because he leads with his heart.