zombie show seem to selling like hot cakes on networks around the world, thanks largely to the stunning success of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. While most networks have at least one zombie related show in their line up at this point, Netflix is working on its second one already, and it has been called “Kingdom”. Even though the name sounds quite similar to a particular location run by King Ezekiel on TWD, it has nothing to do with it whatsoever.

My kingdom for a cure

The new Netflix show actually sounds extremely fascinating, and is by far the most original plot out there related to zombies.

The series will be set in Korea during the late 14th Century (which in itself is unlike anything on television), and will be revolve around the Joseon era that dominated the country for nearly five centuries.

The emperor of the Joseon kingdom has to deal with a sudden and violent illness plaguing his lands, one that transforms his subjects into blood-thirsty monsters without a conscience. In order to understand the illness and possibly find a cure, the emperor is forced to leave his dynasty and venture outside his realm to track down the roots of the problem. The things he uncovers during his quest and the implications of the truth on his kingdom form the crux of this series.

The show is in the capable hands of Kin Eun-hee, the award winning screenwriter most noted for her work in the television series “Signal”.

She will also bring a level of authenticity to the show that is missing in most period dramas in American television. Netflix has announced that “Kingdom” will contain eight episodes in its first season, and will premier in 2018.

Quest for original content

Netflix has been on a rampage over the past year in its attempt to create original content for its streaming service.

They announced early last year that they intend on having a library that is half-filled with its own content over the next decade, and they seem well on track to achieve this objective. Apart from focusing on television shows, Netflix has also stepped into making original feature films and creating stand-up specials on a weekly basis.

It is great to see that the service is not only creating tons of new content, but the ideas they are investing in are quite unlike most others seen on television. Originality and consistency seems to be the keywords in Netflix’s playbook, and that is a mighty choice of ideals.