A new episode of "The Flash" Season 3 is ready and Barry Allen comes over Eddie Thawne (R. Cosnett), Ronnie Raymond (R. Amell), and Leonard Snart (W. Miller), three old villains. This proves that the three refer to the Speed Force as Barry goes out to help Wally after being influenced.

Highlights and plot of episode 15

The last episode of "The Flash" highlighted the return of Savitar. He meddled with Iris' brother and Wally's head unknowingly let Savitar to conclusively leave prison. Unfortunately, Wally got absorbed into the Speed Force and he got Savitar's position.

The CW has published a trailer of next week's installment titled "Into the Speed Force" and it displays the return of Captain Cold, Ronnie Raymond, and Eddie Thawne and proves that they are members of the Speed Force.

In this episode, we saw also Iris and Wally getting involved, but their happiness was of short duration as Iris understood that Barry suggested to her to keep her protected. The end of the episode marked Iris without her promise ring. The title of the new episode of "The Flash" Season 3 is “Into the Speed Force,” and the title here really talks for itself.

Barry Allen will be seeing to that strange world for returns of Savitar, and we surely hope that he takes them. Contrarily, he could be in for the game of his life as we go very forward into the new season.

Episode 16 Season 3 spoilers, preview and trailer

The teaser for the new episode 16 states: "Barry, hopeless to stop Savitar and protect his companions, returns to the Speed Force for defenses. In the meantime, H.R. Wells presents Jesse some information." But the published trailer for Episode 16 will reinforce that the three brutes are members of the Speed Force.

Barry is caught in a dilemma as Wally is being plagiarized by Savitar. He casually set Savitar free from the jail and gave him the philosopher's Stone. He was also obliged to hold his place in the Force. Finally, Wally is blocked in the Speed Force and Savitar's prophecy is taking a new turn. Episode 16 of "The Flash" Season 3 will air on The CW on Tuesday, March, 14 at 8.00 pm.