"This is Us" is coming to the close of it's freshman season. Creator Dan Fogelman has a major hit on his hands and the fans are anxiously waiting to see what is in store. Milo Ventimiglia was able to share a few tidbits, however.

Milo says don't watch alone

Recently US Weekly caught up with Milo. He said that fans shouldn't plan on watching the final two episodes alone. He suggested to snuggle up with your favorite person or get a puppy because you will need to be comforted.

The episode on March 7th is titled "What Now?". Randall will be holding a strange party at his house to celebrate the life of William.

Having had the opportunity to know his father and be with him when he passed has changed him. Fans will begin to see that. Some have wondered if him being able to be with his biological father at the end may have had some healing for him over Jack's death. After all, he used a breathing method to help calm William that he had learned from Jack.

We know from reports with Justin Hartley that Sophie and Kevin will grow closer as the season ends but things may be getting more tense for Jack and Rebecca in their scenes. Remember that Jack was being offered a drink by a lady/bartender at the end of the last show and Rebecca is not a fan of him drinking.

Be prepared for a cliffhanger!

The final episode is titled "Moonshadow" and will air on March 14th.

Milo says to be ready for an emotional ending to the season. Though we have confirmed that the death of Jack has not yet been filmed, the end of this season could leave fans surrounded by tissues according to all leaks and reports.

Fans fell in love with the Pearson family quickly. The type of people that Rebecca and Jack were comes through in every scene.

They represent the good side of life, wholesome and loving. Then in episode 5 fans learned that Jack isn't around in present day. There has been tons of speculation among the fans as to how Jack dies but the cast has said none of the guesses are even close. It is so much more than we could imagine.