Rita Ora rarely causes controversy. There was that one time when fans assumed she was the "Becky with the good hair" that Beyoncé sang about in her visual album titled "Lemonade." Other than that, the singer tends to keep her personal life to herself. Reports have surfaced that Rita is good friends with a guy who has a criminal past.

Rita Ora's close friend was reportedly a hit-and-run killer who robbed Simon Cowell's home. The singer's connection with the robber, Darren February, has been dated back to their childhood days. It seems like anyone can find anything about you thanks to the internet.

Singer's childhood friend robs Simon Cowell

The criminal was sent to prison for stealing jewelry worth £950,000 from Simon Cowell's home. Rita Ora and Darren February grew up on the Foreland House estate in North Kensington, West London. The two friends lived just a few houses away from each other. In addition, Ora used to date Darren February's brother Tyrone who later was arrested for stealing £25,000 in an armed robbery.

A source told The Sun that February broke into Cowell's home. He supposedly has been talking about doing it for a long time. Rita Ora knows the man well and they used to hang out all the time until she became famous and moved on from her former life. It's also been reported that Ora's older sister, Elena, is still friends with February's family.

Rita Ora vehemently denies rumors

However, one of Rita Ora's reps has a different story to tell. They told The Sun that the group grew up in the same neighborhood over the years. Rita is not close to the brothers, nor is she connected to the robbery.

According to the Mail Online, Rita Ora has denied the claims that she's still friends with the hit-and-run killer.

Just because they used to be friends doesn't mean that they're still friends. Other reps stated that Ora does not know the brothers, they just happen to grow up in the same neighborhood. According to one of her reps, it's been well-known that Rita grew up from a hard neighborhood and has worked hard to make it as a singer.

Her reps have tried hard to deny the claims and said that someone is trying to make money off her name.

February sent out a £1million raid to Simon Cowell's home in December 2015, which Cowell has revealed in a latest press release left him in "constant fear" of his life. Cowell, his girlfriend Lauren Silverman, and their son Eric, 2, and a nanny were asleep in the four-floor, five-bedroom house while the raid took place.

Rita Ora has been making waves more for her street style, acting, and modeling career. She has said to release the follow-up to her 2013 debut, "Ora."