"The Vampire Diaries" Series Finale airs at the end of the week. In two days, fans will be saying goodbye to the characters of Mystic Falls. While many of them will potentially ride happily off into the sunset, not everyone is going to get a good ending. Julie Plec has already shared that one main character is going to die. Here's a look at just who it could be and why.

Bonnie Bennett: the psychic witch

From the very beginning of "The Vampire Diaries," Bonnie has been the one with the most power. While she didn't know it at first, she quickly learned to control her powers as a Bennett witch -- a long bloodline of strong, powerful women.

The one thing that has escaped Bonnie is happiness. It looked like she was finally going to get it this season with Enzo, until he was suddenly taken away from him thanks to an emotionless Stefan Salvatore. The last fans saw of her, she was knocked out from overusing her magic and allowing Caroline and Alaric's Gemini twins to siphon the magic from her. Is she going to die at the very beginning of the episode to bring Elena back?

Stefan Salvatore: the vampire-turned-human

There is one thing to be said for Plec: she has been able to stick to the mythology she creates. When Katherine took the cure, she couldn't be healed by vampire blood but remained young until the cure was sucked from her. Now Stefan has the cure and is human again, after 100+ years as a vampire.

Many fans believe that he will die in the "TVD" series finale, since he is human and Katherine is out for him now that she has returned.

Damon Salvatore: the selfish vampire

Damon has made the biggest character development over the last eight seasons. Initially around as an antagonist, he became a love interest for Elena. That love triangle is still something that fans debate about on a regular basis.

This could be a bittersweet character development. Is it possible that he will go from selfish vampire to loving and selfless brother to save the lives of everyone in the very end?

These are the three main characters who are likely to die in "The Vampire Diaries" series finale. It airs at the unusual time of 9/8c on the CW on Friday, March 10.