The ladies on "The Real" and guest co-host Shekinah Williams talked about writing their own obituaries during their "Girl Chat" segment on Wednesday, March 1. They had some interesting things to say that were paralleled to their beliefs and personalities.

Jeannie Mai

Jennie Mai thinks funerals are too somber. She wants hers to be a celebration of life with a full-blown party and all her favorite singers performing. She doesn't want anyone wearing black to her funeral. She is advising her make up artist to make her look so good that people would want to take a selfie with her.

After the funeral, she wants to be cremated and her ashes spread all over San Francisco.

Adrienne Houghton

Adrienne Houghton said she did not believe in obituaries because she is different things to different people. For example, she is not the same to her mother as she is to her husband. Because people know her in different ways, she cannot be captured in two paragraphs.

Adrienne didn't say she wanted this type of funeral, but she asked her co-hosts if they knew about Puerto Rican funerals where people are not in coffins. They could be sitting up in a chair playing dominoes or doing what they loved in life. People could sit and play dominoes with the deceased. Her co-hosts thought that was creepy.

Loni Love

Loni Love said she wanted to write her own obituary because she did not want people leaving out or adding stuff that she doesn't want. The comedian indicated that she wants her obituary to say she was the life of the party, and she never turned down a drink or a good looking man. She said she occasionally gave to Goodwill, always cheated at Spades and never kept a secret.

She added that she always lied about her age and weight.

Tamera Mowry-Housley

Tamera Mowry-Housley couldn't go along with what her co-hosts said. The actress said spiritually she knows that won't be her in the casket. In fact, she said she would rather have a closed-casket funeral because she wants people to think of her like they did when she was still alive and that she brought life and light to a room.

She wants to leave the world better than when she entered it. Loni told her to add that she was a devoted wife and mother.

Shekinah Williams

Shekinah Williams, the guest host for the week, talked more about her funeral than an obituary. She said she wants only about 40 or 50 people to attend her funeral. She is leaving behind a guest list, and only the people on the list can attend. She doesn't want every one to come especially those who hated on her when she was alive.

The rapper said she will leave instructions for her to have three outfit changes. First, she wants to be dressed in casual clothes. The second outfit would be church clothes. The third one will be her night gown and bonnet so when she wakes up she can see the Master.