This week' episode of the "The Haves and the Have Nots" was the last one before next week's finale. A lot was packed into the hour as usual. The show started with viewers seeing Hanna at the police station. She was there to turn in her own daughter. Some viewers wondered how Hanna could do that to Candace. Even though Hanna and Candace have been at odds with each other since the series first started on May 28, 2013, Hanna still loves Candace. When she turned Candace in, it was to protect her from War, who is out to kill her when he finds her. Hanna would rather see Candace in jail than in a coffin.

At the Artesian Hotel

Candace is up to her old tricks. She is at the Artesian Hotel where she seduces Charles, a candidate for president. She is planning to blackmail him to get money to pay off her debts. After a lot of small talk, the two end up in bed and Charles tells Candace that he didn't want their encounter to get out to the public. Candace holds her cell phone in her hand as if to indicate that she taped their love making session.

In another room, Erica and David are in bed making love when War walks in and watches. He is still looking for Candace who is in the same hotel just doors away.

Jeffrey and Melissa

Jeffrey and Melissa talk after Veronica made them stay in the same bedroom. During their conversation, Melissa talks to Jeffrey about killing Veronica so she can get money to pay her father's medical bills.

As much as Jeffrey hates his mother, he tells Melissa that he is not going to kill her.

Next week's finale

After this week's episode, there is a lot to look forward to in next week's finale. Tyler Perry has a habit of leaving a lot of loose ends in the finale. No doubt there will be a powerful cliffhanger that will keep people talking about the series until it returns after mid-season.

Something is going to be left hanging next week that will keep fans wanting more.

The teaser for next week showed a lot of fighting going on. Did Officer Justin keep his promise to arrest Candace quietly? Did War threaten Erica to tell him that Candace is down the hall in the same hotel? Is the news about Candace and Charles out already? Surely, you will want to watch "The Haves and the Have Nots" on OWN next week.