Meredith Grey has had a rough year on "Grey's Anatomy." Losing Dr. McDreamy left her as a single mother learning to juggle her career with the needs of her children. Add in her sister Maggie and sister-in-law Amelia, as well as new BFF Alex and her plate gets very full sometimes, but is she ready to start a new romance? Don't continue to read if you don't want to know. Spoilers will follow.

Riggs is ready to move forward

Meredith and Riggs have had chemistry for a while. She tries to deny it and pretend there is nothing there but the cardio-thoracic surgeon knows better.

And he is ready to take it to the next level. On tonight's episode, he asked her what she wanted and told her not to answer until she is ready.

If we look at their history, they did have a very passionate evening in the parking lot. Then, Meredith put the brakes on. She was torn over her feelings for Derek as well as the fact that her sister Maggie was interested in Nathan Riggs. Unable to move forward, neither of them were ready to totally shut the door on their feelings.

Spoilers have leaked that Maggie will be showing a lot of emotion in the finale this season. She puts it all together and realizes that Nathan turned her down because he wanted her sister. She feels betrayed by them both but especially her sister for not just telling her the truth.

Part of Maggie's heartbreak will be because she knows that she is finally ready to fall in love but may have missed a chance with someone she had felt something for. As for her relationship with Meredith, a little time and the two will be okay.

Does that mean smooth sailing for Meredith and Nathan?

Nothing about Meredith's love life has ever been uncomplicated or easy.

We can expect that trend to continue as the pair tries to figure out how to become a true couple. Of course, relationships with co-workers are always rough, and the staff at Grey's Anatomy has been down that path several times before. Be prepared for bumps along the way as these two try to take things to the next level.