Monday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," at Spectra, Sally's grandmother tries to sell her the idea of planting Coco at Forrester to steal their designs. "She's a natural -- she's sweet, she's innocent -- they won't know what hit them," she said, but Sally argued that her young sister is not a thief. Shirley contended that they needed a spy, otherwise, they'll end up in the rat hole. Coco entered the room and was thrilled to hear about the internship at Forrester.

Liam and Steffy announce their destination wedding

The happy couple gush over each other about their upcoming wedding.

Liam called his father to tell him about the family gathering to discuss the wedding, but there was a big pause in the conversation when he mentioned that Ridge will be there. The family members showed up at the office for the meeting, and an excited Steffy announced the wedding destination that she and Liam chose -- Australia. To Liam's surprise, Bill arrived. "So you and 'smuggler' are going to get married in Australia," Bill said to Brooke. Ivy continually glanced at Quinn, knowing what had been going on between her and Ridge.

Bill warns Brooke again

Brooke wanted to avoid an argument Bill and Ridge, and Bill was adamant that he will be attending his son's wedding. When everyone else left, Eric asked Quinn to remain in the office to act as a referee.

Bill told Brooke again that Ridge will do something yet again to hurt her, but Brooke was confident and stated that she trusts Ridge. The post below reveals what she told him furthermore:

Coco arrives at Forrester

Thomas, Pam and RJ were interviewing candidates for the internship program, but after the meetings, Thomas was still looking for "the one that really stands out." He then received a call from Sally, who asked about his search for interns.

She recommended her sister to him, and he told her to send her over. Coco arrived to see Thomas and RJ. When asked why she wanted to work for Forrester instead of Spectra, Coco revealed that Spectra might not be around for much longer. Already, RJ seemed to like Coco.

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Here's a sneak peek of what's happening on Tuesday: