Who is "The Bachelor" star Nick Viall's final pick and is he still engaged? The video clip below shows Nick struggling to decide between Raven Gates and Vanessa Grimaldi but despite the fact that he admits that he's "in love" with both girls, Nick has dropped some major hints that Vanessa won his final rose.

On Monday night, fans will see Nick's journey to find love come to an end during the three-hour "Bachelor" finale on ABC. Although producers are trying hard to convince viewers that the finale will feature one of the most dramatic final rose ceremonies in the history of the show, all signs point to a predictable ending — Raven will be devastated and Nick will profess his undying love for Vanessa.

Nick can't keep a secret

The outcome of Nick's season isn't all that hard to figure out — even for fans who don't read Reality Steve's spoilers. If you follow Nick on social media, he's been dropping major hints about his final pick for weeks and it's a no-brainer that while he enjoyed his time with Raven, his heart was set on Vanessa from early-on in the season.

Nick's Instagram account is full of photos from his season but there's one thing that stands out that all but gives away the ending — a kiss. Not only does he have more photos of Vanessa on social media than any of the other contestants, she is the only girl he's shows himself in a full-on lip-lock with (see the Twitter pic above that is also on Nick's Insta).

Although that may sound a little far-fetched considering he kissed a whole 'lotta girls this season but it makes sense. He's showing the most affection for the girl he is currently engaged to and that's probably a good thing considering how hard it must be on Vanessa if she's been watching the season play out on TV. After all, he had some serious sexual chemistry with Corinne Olympios and that wasn't uncomfortable for just about anyone to watch, never mind his bride-to-be.

Is Nick still engaged?

According to Reality Steve, Nick and Vanessa will appear as an engaged couple on Monday night's live "After the Final Rose" special on ABC. It's been a little over three months since they taped the finale in Finland so fans can expect them to give an update about their relationship and if they have wedding plans in the works.

Although it sounds like fans are going to get their happily-ever-after on this season's finale, it won't be a big surprise if Nick and Vanessa split up after they start to fade from the spotlight. She currently lives and works in Canada and Nick, who is part of the "Dancing with the Stars" Season 24 cast, lives in Los Angeles. Unless Vanessa decides to leave her friends, family, and her job behind, their long-distance relationship may fizzle out.

Do you think Nick and Vanessa will last or do you expect them to call it quits after the "The Bachelor" finale airs on March 13?