"Wonder Woman" doesn't come out until June of this year, but Gal Gadot's portrayal as the strong and sexy superhero has been making waves since her appearance as the bright spot in last year's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice". Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment just released a new poster and brand new trailer for the movie that fans are lapping up.

'Wonder Woman' - the Story

The story is set during World War I. After an American pilot, played by Chris Pine, crash land on Themyscira, the secret island paradise of the Amazons, he tells Diana about the war raging in the outside world.

The Amazonian princess decides to leave her island enclave and help stop the carnage.

In the comics, Diana Prince's story began during WWII, and in fact, she didn't appear in comics until 1941's "All Star Comics". There's no word on exactly why her story was moved, but the period time setting isn't just an excuse for cool costuming. The tumultuous period serves as a backdrop to Diana's essentially coming of age story as she learns how to wield her Wonder Woman powers, and in doing so, about her true destiny.

The New Trailer

In the newly released trailer, we see a little of Diana's backstory and her introduction to the so-called civilized world. Unlike some of the other DC Universe movies that we've seen -- notably "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," which was widely critiqued because of its unrelentingly dark tone -- there are flashes of humor in "Wonder Woman," as the new trailer reveals.

It's definitely not a comedy, but we see a little of the banter between Diana and Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, and in another scene, Diana, in a civilian skirt and jacket, wielding her sword awkwardly.

We also see some of her spectacular action moves. Naturally, the trailer is heavy on the action, and we see Gal Gadot's Diana Prince battling Robin Wright’s General Antiope in a pitched sword battle -- that is, until Diana discovers the Wonder Woman power of her indestructible bracelets.

Director Patty Jenkins has a history of dealing in strong and even controversial female characters, with previous credits that include "Monster," and AMC's "The Killing". "Wonder Woman" hits movie screens on June 2.