Nick Viall said he was looking for love when his season of "The Bachelor" started in early January but now he may be changing his tune. With just one week to go before he hands out his final rose, the 36-year-old former software salesman makes a revelation that will have his final pick questioning her future with him.

ABC's preview (video below) for Monday night's overnight dates episode shows Nick and Vanessa discussing their future plans before they spend the night together in the Fantasy Suite. Of course, it's always a good idea to see if you're on the same page about major issues before you propose to someone but Nick's answers to some of Vanessa's question will leave fans wondering if he's even ready for a long term relationship.

Marriage material?

Nick's date with Vanessa includes a dip in what appears to be a very chilly pool outside of a snow-covered cabin. Chris Harrison's voiceover in the video below questions whether or not Vanessa has "cold feet" about her relationship with Nick but it won't be longer before she's actually the one questioning if Nick is ready to get married.

My core values are things I don't want to compromise on," Vanessa tells Nick. His response? "I'm not traditional at all ... I'm just not."

Fans who watched Vanessa's hometown date know that family and her job are very important to her and there's no doubt she came on the show to find love and, eventually, marriage with Nick. Although Reality Steve has confirmed that Nick did propose to her and they are still engaged, there may be trouble ahead for the couple.

Compromise? Nah.

Nick reveals during their date that he's not so sure he wants to move to Canada, although doing something for the woman he loves isn't out of the question. However, we get the basic vibe that he's enjoying his life in Los Angeles and now that he's part of the "Dancing with the Stars" cast, there are rumors circulating online that a wedding isn't in the future for Nick and Vanessa.

So, how long will they last if they have to commute between Montreal and Los Angeles? Once the finale airs on March 13 and they do the usual media tour, the countdown will begin. Will Vanessa giving everything up and move to L.A. to live with Nick or will they issue a breakup statement soon after they start their off-camera life as an engaged couple?