ABC’s "The Bachelor" aired its season finale tonight and America watched as Nick Viall had to choose between Raven Gates and Vanessa Grimaldi. Who won the final rose and did he put a ring on it? Find out below! (Spoilers ahead!)

Raven’s final date

Raven arrives with gifts and enjoys a family meal with everyone. They previously met on one of Raven’s one on one dates, so it is a happy reunion for all.

Bella, who is Nick’s younger sister, as well as Nick’s parents, talk to Raven about her relationship with Nick. They seem to like her and think she will fit into the family just fine.

However, they worry about Nick getting hurt if she says no to his proposal.

Their date consists of ice skating, playing with puppies and discussing their relationship and where he stands on things.

Vanessa’s final date

Vanessa also meets Nick’s family and talks about her life and job in Canada. Everyone gets very emotional, and she says she is ready to be engaged. However, she has concerns about things going too fast, so she discusses it with Nick’s mom. She also talks about leaving Canada and thinks this is a lot of pressure on the both of them. There are lots of tears as everyone discusses the logistics of their relationship.

After we see her meet Nick’s family, Vanessa and Nick go on their last date before the final rose ceremony.

They talk about her meeting his family and their relationship. She has a lot of questions about where they stand. He tries to reassure her but is also honest that there is another woman involved.

The final rose

Nick meets with Neil Lane and picks out the perfect ring for the woman who won his heart.

Raven gets out of the limo, and she declares her love for him.

He tells her he loves her but is not IN love with her. They are both in tears as they say goodbye.

Vanessa comes out of the limo and is worried about where they stand. He says he is in love with her and has been falling for a long time. He sees his future when he looks at her, and she says she feels the same as he gets down on one knee to propose. She says yes and accepts his final rose.

Congrats to the happy couple!