Editor turned director Mahesh Narayanan's directorial debut "Take Off" was released all across India, the United States and UAE on March 24, 2017. One of the most-awaited films of this year, the film revolves around the real-life incidents which happened post the kidnapping of 46 Indian nurses by the Islamic State while working in Tikrit, Iraq.

The movie has huge resemblances with Akshay Kumar's "Airlift" which was released a year back, but what makes "Take Off" a must watch is the perfect presentation of the director by taking advantage of enough cinematic liberties.

Mahesh and his crew did the task with aplomb

Mahesh Narayanan, known for his fresh cuts has proved his mettle through this movie as a director. Instead of focusing just on the rescue mission, the director along with the scriptwriter P V Shaji Kumar spent the lion's share of the first half by narrating the emotional state of Sameera (Parvathy), the strong-willed nurse who is a divorcee.

The lady who falls in love with Shahid (Kunchakko Boban) travels to Iraq, and what awaits them there is nothing but complete chaos. The Islamic State has taken over the state of Tikrit, and soon they abduct 46 nurses who hail from Kerala. The Indian ambassador Manoj (Fahad Fazil) is in charge of the rescue mission, and what forms next is the thrilling escape plan to save the kidnapped victims.

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Final Verdict

"Take Off" is a real gem of a film which can be considered as a milestone movie in the history of Malayalam cinema. The movie has that adequate moment of thrill, and at the end, Mahesh Narayanan concludes it by injecting an enormous amount of Nationalism in the minds of the viewers.

Box-office predictions

The reviews surrounding the film are positive in nature, and it is expected to gross more than Rs 10 Crores in its opening weekend.

The number of Malayalam speaking Keralites in the United States is pretty high, and the film is expected to do well. The box-office collections stats are awaited.