The death of Carrie Fisher last year was a tragedy to her friend, family, and fans all over the world. Many people grew up with the idea of Carrie Fisher being Princess Leia and she returned to the franchise that made her famous with "Force Awakens" two years ago. Fisher also had a role in the upcoming "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" as well, and Disney CEO Bob Iger said that she remains in the movie and had already filmed her entire role before her death.

Carrie Fisher's role in 'Star Wars' sequel

Carrie Fisher had played Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy and will have performed the role in two films of the new trilogy as well.

However, that will likely be all the fans see from her or Leia. While the Star Wars producers didn't seem to mind using CGI to recreate characters originally played by deceased actors, such as Peter Cushing's Grand Moff Tarkin. "Force Awakens" also created a CGI Leia to show her at the age she was when the original "Star Wars" movie was made in the 70s. However, with Fisher's death, Iger said that they will not use CGI to bring Princess Leia back to life.

Princess Leia and Star Wars

Bob Iger said that nothing that Carrie Fisher did for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" will be altered or changed out of respect for the actress. He said that Princess Leia appears a lot in "Last Jedi" and they will not alter any of her scenes.

He even touched on the digital characters in "Force Awakens" and said that there is no way they attempt that with Leia in this movie. Of course, while Iger said that they won't touch Carrie Fisher's performance or Princess Leia that doesn't mean they won't do something in the movies after that - depending on the fate of the Princess in the film.

There has been talk of moving away from the Skywalker family and into other areas of the Star Wars universe, so this just might be something that pushes them in that direction. With Han Solo dead in the movies and Carrie Fisher's death ending the story of Princess Leia, that only leaves Mark Hamill and Luke Skywalker as the last of the originals standing.