It looks like another "Teen Mom OG" has called it quits.

Simon Saran confirmed to In Touch Weekly that he and Farrah Abraham are "taking a break." He added that her comments about him on Snapchat was her way of reacting to their split.

Farrah mocked Simon on social media

A few days ago, Farrah mocked Saran stating he can only get "bottle service girls." At the time, her followers figured they were having trouble in the relationship because she seemed pretty upset with him.

Saran thinks that Abraham has a tendency to overreact.

He added that she is driven by her emotions and she would jump to conclusions about cheating when he would appear in photos online. Simon dismissed her claims, stating that it was "harmless fun."

Farrah drove Simon away, again

Simon said that part of the reason for the split is how much Farrah changes when filming for "Teen Mom OG." Apparently, during filming, she has a "split personality" and he finds it hard to deal with her mood changes. For a while, he put up with her moods, but after a while, it got old.

Amber Portwood drama

Farrah isn't the only person that Simon slammed ---he has been in a feud with Amber Portwood and Matt Baier. Matt and Amber are getting married in a few months. In an attempt to bury the hatchet, Amber invited Abraham to her wedding.

Simon wasn't interested in going and made it known why he wouldn't attend.

Did I mention that Simon called Amber's fiance a "pedophile"?

Simon blasts Maci Bookout, too

Saran called Maci out for drinking around her children and he referred to her new husband, Taylor McKinney as "dirty." It isn't the first time Bookout's drinking has been under fire. After Maci revealed that she was pregnant, "Teen Mom OG" fans blasted her for drinking beer.

Most "Teen Mom OG" fans are not shocked that the couple split up again. They seem to have a complicated relationship and frequently need to take breaks.

Do you think Simon Saran and Farrah Abraham will get back together?

"Teen Mom OG" returns April 17 on MTV.