Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson, 57, told the hosts during an interview on Swedish Television that Donald Trump asked her out and she turned him down. Reportedly it happened in 1998 while she was busy filming “Primary Colors” in Hollywood. Rather ironically, that movie was based loosely around the 1992 presidential campaign of Bill Clinton. In the film, Emma was playing a character also loosely based, rather ironically, on Clinton’s wife, Hillary.

Both Donald and Emma were single at the time

According to Thompson she had just gotten divorced from Kenneth Branagh, which she said was no big deal, but apparently Trump was also single at that time.

He had reportedly divorced Marla Maples, his second wife, in 1997.

Thompson said she was in her trailer when the phone rang, which was something it hadn’t done before. She said it was a shock, rather like a moose walking into the room. She picked up the phone and said "Hello," only to hear that it was Trump on the line. She said she asked him if she could help him. Trump went on to offer Emma accommodations in one of his Trump Towers, saying they are really comfortable. Thompson couldn’t understand why Trump was phoning her, in her trailer, to offer her somewhere to stay. This was when Donald Trump said that he thought they would get on well and maybe they could have dinner sometime.

Thompson said she was shocked that Trump had asked her out on a date and didn’t know how to respond, so she just told him she would get back to him.

She never did, but she joked with the hosts that she wishes she had accepted, saying, “Just imagine the stories!”

Emma Thompson could have been First Lady

As noted by USA Today, one of the hosts then told her she could have been the First Lady, while a female guest on the show said maybe Thompson could have “stopped him.” As it turns out, Trump then married his third wife, Melania, the current First Lady.

As for Thompson, she also remarried, tying the knot with Greg Wise, her co-star in “Sense and Sensibility.” They are still together and now have a daughter and son.

A video of the exchange on the Swedish television show is included below.