Tim Tebow has been talking about starting a family. He recently told People magazine that he wants to adopt not one child but a child from every continent. That means he will not only have a family, but he will have a big family. The 29-year-old former NFL quarterback who is now a New York Mets outfielder is genuine when he says he loves kids. He is still single, but he says his future spouse must love and wants lots of kids like he does.

A child from every continent

Tebow thinks it would be kind of cool if he could adopt a child from every continent.

He says he imagines himself sitting around the dinner table every night and talking to his children from all the Continents, right here in the United States. He says that's one of his favorite things to dream about.

When you think about it, though, Tim is not talking about a lot of children considering there are only seven continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Australia, and Antarctica. There are people with 10 or more children right here in the United States. For instance, the Duggars have 20 children. Nadya Suleman, formerly known as Octomom, has 14 which includes ten sons and four daughters.

Family diversity

What Tebow also talked about was family diversity. Since love knows no color, he wants his children to have an appreciation for all people no matter what color they are or what they look like.

The baseball player says he wants his children to know that they can love people who are not the same as they are.

Tebow's passion

Tebow is passionate about what he does, but his passion is not limited to sports. Although sports made him famous, he wants to do more with his life to include the well-being and happiness of others.

He wants to make a big difference in the world. During his interview with People magazine, he shared that he can't wait to start adopting because he wants it so badly.

Tebow did not indicate if he wanted to adopt all seven children at once or how old he wanted the children to be. He did say he envisioned sitting around the table talking with them.

That might be a big clue that he is thinking about adopting older children instead of babies.

Tebow has several charities, and most of them involve children. He launched the tim tebow Foundation in January 2010, which focuses on helping disadvantaged children.