Tamron Hall abruptly quit her two jobs on NBC and MSNBC in February. She loved hosting both shows, but she felt that the network had let her by down by telling her just before she went on the air that her show on the third hour of the "Today" show hosted by her and Al Roker was being cancelled. This was done to make room for the popular former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly who is joining NBC in the fall.

Hall's co-host Al Roker will be reassigned, but she decided to leave the network. On February 1, 2017, NBC News released a joint statement confirming that Hall had departed from NBC and MSNBC.

In the meantime, Al Roker is still hosting "Today's Take" with guest co-hosts until the changes take place later in the year.

'Deadline: Crime'

Tamron is good at what she does, and she will continue to do well even though it is not on NBC. As far as work is concerned, she has been busying working on new episodes of “Deadline: Crime,” which airs on the Investigation Discovery channel.

On Friday, the Luling, Texas native took to social media where she wrote about a secret project she is working on. There is a picture of herself in a recording studio surrounded by what appears to be scripts.

Hall's posts

Tamron's Twitter post has gone viral.

Her fans told her they miss her and are glad to know she is doing well. They wrote words of encouragement and said how amazing she is. Hall often tweets updates to let her half a million followers know that she is not sitting home doing nothing. Over the past weeks, she has given hints about what she is doing. Even though she is busy with her program on the ID channel, there is more in store.

Her fans will just have to wait until she is ready to give more information.

Since leaving NBC and MSNBC

Since leaving NBC and MSNBC, the 46-year-old broadcast journalist has been busy with her social life. She attended the Grammys, Super Bowl, and was honored at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tamron still has her beautiful smile even though it is not seen each weekday on television. She is showing her fans that there is life after career changes.