Pokémon GO” continues to gain momentum since its launch last summer. The title of collectible creatures for mobile phones has already exceeded 650 million downloads and remains among the most downloaded game applications on both iOS and Android devices. It is no secret that “Pokemon GO” continues to spread throughout the world in a surprising way with its new updates and changes to the game. New details have recently been unveiled in connection with three new upgrades to be made by Niantic in 2017. However, while most users expect Niantic to announce the release date of these new changes, Niantic has preferred to take it slowly so as not to make mistakes as in previous cases.

Exchanges are complicated

The title has planned three major upgrades throughout 2017 after the release of the new Pokemon of the second generation. According to new information filtered by express.co.uk, one of those additions will be the requested system of the exchange of creatures, but it is not something that Niantic wants to take lightly.

Tatsuo Nomura, senior product manager of “Pokémon GO," explained that opening the door to the exchange of Pokémon requires the company to take into account numerous factors. Also, considering the complications that generally arise with new updates, it's better overall that they do not rush updates to the application even if users are eager for new content.

The new sharing function

The sharing function will not be on the Internet, you should not be able to exchange Pokémon with someone who is 100 kilometers away. The goal of Niantic is to encourage collaboration between players without using the connection. In addition to this, Nomura said that Niantic does not think of the swap system as a solution to solve the issue of the local generation of creatures.

On the other hand Niantic has said that the company does not want “Pokemon GO” to be just an online game where the exchanges are limited to the virtual world.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.