The rumor is not true. Ryan Seacrest set the record straight and said he is not taking the hosting position that Nick Cannon abruptly left vacant on "America's Got Talent." Cannon refused to return even after NBC asked him to return to the popular reality show that he has successful hosted for eight years.

RadarOnline claims that Ryan Seacrest wants the vacant position because he misses being on prime-time television since the cancellation of "American Idol." Gossip Cop checked and was assured that Seacrest has had no discussions with NBC about the vacant position on the reality competition show.

Seacrest set the record straight

Seacrest made an appearance on the “Ellen DeGeneres" show last week and cleared up the claim about him replacing Cannon. Seacrest said that he and Nick talked many times over the years, and he is convinced that it is not easy hosting "America's Got Talent." Even though Seacrest could do the job, no one has asked him to replace Cannon, and he has not even thought about it.

RadarOnline claimed Seacrest's team contacted NBC as soon as Nick announced his resignation. Seacrest told Ellen that's not true at all. Seacrest doesn't know who Nick's replacement will be, but he knows it won't be him.

Seacrest as host

Even though Seacrest no longer hosts "American Idol," he is still a busy man.

He hosts his own radio show. It happens only once a year, but the 42-year-old personality hosts Dick Clark's "New Year's Rockin' Eve."

Since Nick Cannon announced his departure from the show, people on social media have been suggesting that Seacrest should throw his hat in the ring for the position. His Twitter page is full of comments from people either trying to convince him to consider the position or believing the rumor that he has already accepted it.

In the latter case, they have congratulated him for a job he doesn't have.

NBC has not commented on the rumor that Seacrest will replace Cannon, or if there have been talks with the network. Fans of "America's Got Talent" will have to wait a little longer to see who the next host will be.