Eugene has been an asset to Rick Grimes and the community at the Alexandria safe zone during the zombie apocalypse, but it appears that his skill set is going to get put to use by Negan now that the baseball wielding lunatic has taken the smart guy prisoner. "The Walking Dead" is not always as it seems, however, and fans have been wondering just how loyal Eugene will inevitably be to Negan, despite it appearing that his loyalty is currently swaying toward the Saviors.

Eugene recites his origin story to Negan

Fearing for his life, Eugene gave Negan the same origin story that he initially gave his now deceased friend Abraham.

It was interesting to see just how easy it was, perhaps muscle memory, for Eugene to slip right back into his old lies and make himself seem just a touch more important and intelligent than he really is. That's not to say he's not smart, he has skills that keep people alive when the world falls apart, but we all know the levels of deception that Eugene has stooped to in the past in order to survive. Time will tell if Negan will pursue a line of questioning regarding Eugene's part in the Human Genome Project.

Eugene gets a taste of the good life

It doesn't take long for Eugene to begin to understand that his current situation will allow him some luxuries that he hasn't been afforded by living with Rick and his former group at Alexandria.

Armed with an Atari, a jar of pickles, and just about anything else his heart desires, he begins to get comfortable with his new surroundings. Negan even sends three of his wives to keep him company, but Eugene suspects they're testing him for his loyalty when they ask for a suicide pill to be made so one of them can commit suicide.

He suspects they plan to use the pill on Negan, or worse, Negan has tasked his wives to see how Eugene will respond to the situation. Fearing for his life, Eugene makes the suicide pills but refuses to hand them over to the women.

Playing both sides of the field

What is most likely happening, despite Eugene declaring to Negan that his loyalty has shifted from Alexandria to the Saviors, is that the scientist is conducting his own sort of social experiment.

Eugene will most likely pretend to be one of Negan's men until the time comes where an advantageous moment occurs and he can escape back to Rick and his friends with information or weapons that will help win the war that is currently being waged. While Eugene is currently living the good life among Negan's soldiers it's difficult to believe that his true allegiance to Rick has changed. And knowing how traumatic it was for him to witness the death of Glenn and Abraham, his former best friend, by the hands of Negan and Lucille, the smart guy may be plotting his revenge against his current boss in a very scientific manner.