Disney released the classic flick "Beauty and the Beast" in 1991, and the upcoming film is going to be out in 2017. The shooting has been completed, and the film is set to be released in a month.

The Cast

This is a story of a pretty girl who loves a cursed prince. And many animated films, TV shows, and musicals have been inspired by this movie. Disney has been using this story for years.

Since the release of the animated movie, the company got a great success with tons of live-action Fairy Tales, which includes Angelina Jolie’s Cinderella and Maleficent as well.

Now, the release date of another flick has been set for the 17th of March 2017.

The shooting was started at Shepperton studios in 2015. Now, after two years, it has been completed. In the film, Emma Watson plays the lead role of "Belle" Everyone was happy with this casting decision. Paige O’Hara (the woman who gave her voice for Belle in 1991) was also happy that Watson was cast for the lead role.

For the "Beast" role, Dan Stevens was chosen. He worked in Downton Abbey as Mathew Crawley. Aside from this, he acted in The Guest as the buff psychopath. The voice artist of Frozen, Josh Gad, acts as LeFou. Besides, for the role of Belle’s father, Kevin Kline was chosen.

Since "Beauty and the Beast 2017" is inspired by the 1991’s animation film, the chances are that it will have a similar plot.

The plot of that animation film is also somewhat inspired by a French Fairytale.

The Plot

According to the tale, "the Beast" was actually a prince. Once, he refused to help an old woman. The woman got angry and cursed him, which turned the prince into a "beast" through a rose. The prince will remain a "beast" unless he finds his true love.

And he has to find his true love before the final petals of the rose fall down.

The prince resides in a castle. In the same castle, his former servants also live, but they are in the form of household objects. They are also cursed like the prince.

"Belle" is a clever, girl who has been pursued by Gaston several times. But she rejects him many times.

One day, Belle’s father Maurice lost his way in the jungle and ended up in the castle of the beast. "The beast" detains her father, but "Belle" presents herself in exchange. Soon, "the beast" and the girl fall in love.

For the back-story of "Belle," the filmmakers put a feminist twist as well. It won’t come as a surprise for the viewers. Here it is interesting to note that she won’t show up in the film in a corset.

In the previous animation film, her father is the inventor. But in this movie, "Belle" is the inventor of the machine that she used for doing laundry to save time. And she wants to use that time in order to do some reading.

Bill Condon is the director of the film. In his experience record, he has the popular movie Twilight: Breaking Dawn (1 and 2).

So, let’s wait for the movie to release. We will have a better idea of the efforts of the crew and the actors after watching the movie.