Melania Trump has a big sister and she lives a stone's throw away from Trump Tower in NYC. Ines Knauss is the 48-year-old sister of the nation's new First Lady, and from all reports, she's also Melania's best friend. Now that Ines has a brother-in-law who is the leader of the free world you would think the media would show some interest in finding more out about this New Yorker, but apparently Ines is happy to stay out of the limelight.

Big sister

From the looks of her Facebook page, you would never know that Ines is a relative of Melania, never mind her only sister.

She doesn't mention Melania, but she does refer to her as "M." Ines seems to have a bit of a tribute going on for her baby sister Melania on her Facebook posts. It looks more like a scrap book for Melania than it does anything else.

Sisters of fashion

Ines proves that beauty runs in Melania Trump's DNA, as you can see by the picture above. She has different photos of her little sister Melania Trump on her Facebook page, like the one below that was taken when Melania and Ines were in Milan for their careers in the fashion world. Both women modeled, and while Melania went on to become a famous model, Ines tried her hand at creating fashion. Today Ines is an artist, and everyone knows what Melania's been up to these days, she's the nation's newest First Lady.

According to The Heavy, Ines lives in a $2 million apartment in a posh apartment building owned by one of Donald Trump's organizations. Melania is close to her sister, as they grew up together and then started their adult lives off side-by-side in Milan. This was a gig that eventually led to Melania making a trip over to the United States.

After dating Donald Trump, Melania agreed to become his wife and Ines was her maid of honor.

Ines stays under the radar

While Ines has a lot to brag about, with her sister being the First Lady of the U.S., she is not about to do that. She keeps under the radar when it comes to the public. She doesn't take advantage of the fact that she is now an extended member of the Trump family.

It appears she is just happy being Melania Trump's big sister. For Melania's birthday she posted a throwback pic of when she was just a toddler, and that pic can be seen below. While Barron does resemble Donald Trump, it looks like you can see a little bit of him in Melania's baby picture.

Here is another picture of Melania when she was modeling in Milan, which is posted below. She really hasn't changed much - at 47-years-old, she looks just as beautiful as she did in the early 1990's when this photo was taken.