Raven Gates shared a huge bombshell on "The Bachelor" 2017 this week when she shared that her ex was the only person she had ever had sex with and that he never gave her an orgasm. Now her ex is speaking out and wants everyone to know that this is not true at all. He doesn't like what she had to say and must have felt like he needed to set the record straight.

Raven's ex defends himself against her claims

Hunter Henry actually went to US Weekly so that he could share his side of the story. Raven talked about him earlier this season saying that she caught him cheating on her and basically beat the crap out of him with her high heel.

Now Hunter is defending himself against her claims that he never gave her an orgasm. Raven also said that she never told him she loved him and he only said it if he was intoxicated. They were together for a long time, but it just didn't work out for them.

Hunter is speaking out now and said, "Comments made by Raven about our relationship are skewed and untrue. However, I wish her all the best. Definitely not true about the whole orgasm thing. And she has told me she loved me multiple times, just for the record." It will be very interesting to find out if Raven responds again now that Hunter is sharing his thoughts.

It was pretty obvious that Raven Gates had been drinking some on the show when she revealed all of this stuff.

Reality Steve even commented he thinks that might be part of the reason she said so much. Next week, she will go with Nick Viall to the fantasy suite, and then everyone will have to see if he can finish what she said that Henry couldn't for her. It is obvious that Raven is really attracted to Nick and everyone can't wait to see what goes down between these two and if she is the one he picks in the end.

Are you shocked by what Hunter Henry has to say? Do you think that Hunter or Raven is telling the truth? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss Raven on new episodes of "The Bachelor" 2017 on Monday nights on ABC.