Abby Lee Miller has quit “Dance Moms, ” and she went on a major rant as the news began to emerge. The reality television star and dance instructor has been fairly erratic and emotional over the past few months, surely in large part due to the legal issues she's experiencing that may soon bring a jail sentence, and this is not the first time she has lashed out at those behind the series. However, sources are indicating that this time she intends to walk away from the show entirely and this leaves fans wondering what comes next.

Miller blasted show producers via Instagram

The “Dance Moms” star took to her Instagram page recently to blast the producers. Abby Lee Miller wrote that she had a problem being disrespected, manipulated, and used and she was tired of not getting credit for all of the work she had done on the show for the past seven seasons. She said that she would no longer take part in the show and while many wondered if she really meant it, sources indicate that Miller has indeed parted ways with the long-running show.

The fate of "Dance Moms" had been left up in the air after the Season 7 finale, with Abby and some others with the series leaving many to wonder if that was the end. However, word soon emerged that filming for new “Dance Moms” episodes had started and Miller was still involved.

Now, Entertainment Tonight adds a bit of additional insight into the state of things.

Sources for ET detail that producers hope that Abby will cool off and return to the show and the network reportedly has ordered four more “Dance Moms” episodes. At this point, things will continue without Miller, although it seems that the network had previously indicated that they'd only continue if the full group of cast members remained.

The series continues without Abby for now

From the sounds of things, “Dance Moms” viewers will see plenty of action involving the girls, but not Abby when new episodes do begin to air again. Choreographer Laurieann Gibson is reportedly coming in to work with the dancers for now, and she apparently already filmed three episodes where Miller had bailed during filming.

Gibson stepped in during Abby's absence, and then Miller returned to filming and issued a long list of demands. Sources reveal that those demands, to a significant part, required that nobody bring up the potential that the “Dance Moms” star is headed to jail, and that Laurieann was not to be around.

It's great news for fans that there is still more “Dance Moms” on the way, but it sounds as if things have been very volatile with Abby Lee Miller and that she'll be missing from a fair portion of what's airing down the road. Should the show try to continue without her or should the series end if she truly does depart for good?