People are wondering what's taking Kelly Ripa and the people at "Live" so long to name a permanent co-host. Some are guessing that the 46-year-old host is loving it just the way it has been going. After Michael Strahan abruptly left after four years, Ripa might be afraid of the same thing happening again.

After Regis Philbin left on November 18, 2011, it was 10 months before Michael Strahan came on board on September 4, 2012. He was among 59 guest co-hosts. So, it is about time for someone else to fill the position that Strahan left vacant on May 13, 2016 which has been exactly 10 months ago and 66 guest co-hosts later.

So, what's taking executive producer Michael Gelman and Disney-ABC so long to make a selection for the next co-host?

Kelly's choices

Kelly has been vocal about wanting either Andy Cohen or Anderson Cooper. However, they are not available. This is the second time Cooper had to disappoint Ripa by remaining at CNN. Cohen is not in the running any longer because of his assignment at Bravo. Fred Savage was thought to be a frontrunner at one time, but his name hasn't come up much since the summer.

Guests over the last 10 months

The most frequent guest since last May has been Jerry O'Connell with 18 visits. Christian Slater has made 13 appearances, and he is booked to host two more times bringing his total closer to O'Connell's.

Carrie Ann Inaba has co-hosted six times. Mark Consuelos has hosted numerous times and was a finalist the last time. His wife stated that they couldn't stay married and both of them host the show. She probably forgot that she and Mark met and got married when they were both on "All My Children."

Short list

As of now, O'Connell and Consuelos are on the short list.

Viewers are not too particular about Consuelos getting the position because most of the chatting will be about their family and what goes on in their household from her viewpoint and his perspective. Slater could be added to the short list if his USA Network filming schedule would allow it.

No matter who gets to be Kelly Ripa's co-host, the person will have to give up something for the job because all of the guest co-hosts have other assignments. Michael Strahan had other assignments when he was there. Perhaps officials are trying to find someone who is able to give 100 percent of their working time to "Live."