Priyanka Chopra will be back on TV screens very soon. TheQuantico actress will be back for season 2, which sees a new cast and a new government agency. Will it be as confusing as the season 1 storyline? Chopra has a few words about that.

There is still an audience for 'Quantico'

When questioned about the confusing storyline--something critics stated was a problem--Chopra explained that it couldn't have been that bad. She is interested in the numbers, which state that the show was and still is popular. If it was really that confusing, the numbers would have dropped throughout the series as the plot continued.

Viewers would have turned off in search for a less confusing show.

This theory could be followed with "Lost," which did see a drop in the figures once the storyline got overly complicated. In the beginning it was intriguing enough to keep people tuned in, and that is just what happened with "Quantico."

Chopra says that she is proud of the ABC show. The viewers don't need everything spoon-fed, and the writing does all the talking.

New cast, but that's okay!

Chopra says that getting a new cast isn't a problem for her. She is used to doing movies, where she will meet people for four months and then they all go off to do their own thing. It's different with TV shows, where people can remain with the same show family for a long period of time.

Chopra mentioned being with a show for 12 years, so she may have been thinking about the likes of "Supernatural," "NCIS,"and "Grey's Anatomy,"which are on Seasons 12-14.

It is unusual for a show to get a new cast with a new season. "American Horror Story" does, but it is set up very differently compared to other shows. "Quantico" season 2 will see some of the same characters but Chopra's character Alex Parrish is transitioning from the FBI to the CIA.

"Quantico" season 2 will be back on Sunday, September 25. Make sure you tune in to see Alex Parrish join "The Farm" and take on the role of being a little bit bad. How will she cope with the change of pace and new problem the world will face?