At 800 pounds, Steven Assanti is on a fast-track to death. But even though he lost over 150 pounds, his bariatric surgeon on "My 600-lb Life" refuses to do surgery or even help with weight-loss treatment. Why is Dr. Younan Nowzaradan denying gastric bypass surgery when it's obviously Assanti's last hope? The answer lies in Steven's attitude and addiction.

Steven Assanti's attitude kills weight-loss

The 33-year-old man made headlines when he was kicked out of a bariatric surgery hospital for failing to participate in his own recovery. Steven sought weight-loss surgery as an easy fix but he was told he would have to lose weight first.

"Honey Boo Boo" star Mama June Shannon did to get gastric bypass and skin removal plastic surgery. Assanti, who is used to blaming others, having it easy, and getting his own way, ordered pizza to snub the hospital. They had the last word and sent the bully packing. On "My 600-lb Life" Steven kept right on harassing even though he promised to change.

Steven Assanti controls, controlled by enabling dad

Ostensibly, it looks like the reality television star calls the shots and dad complies. But in any relationship of codependency the codependent can be as much the bully as the victim. Steven's younger brother Justin Assanti (who is also morbidly obese) says Steven controls his dad and him. But by giving in to his grossly overweight son, dad is keeping him fat.

If he didn't buy the pizza his son demands, Steven, bedridden with obesity, would have to get it himself or go without.

Steven Assanti dying for pain meds

The reality TV star is out of control for all he controls others. He uses passive-agressive games to get people to do his bidding. Steven has everyone convinced (except "My 600-lb Life" staff) that his leg pain requires hydrocodone or Vicodin.

Assanti's legs are swelled with lymphedema. But, what the manipulative young man refuses to accept is that only weight-loss can fix it and it doesn't require opioids. He certainly doesn't need a 100-ct prescription. Even in emergencies, patients are usually only sent home with a few pills so they don't overdose. If the hospital dispensed so large an amount, no wonder Assanti is a prescription drug addict.