“Pretty Little Liars” isn’t quite over yet but there are already talks of a revival. In fact, the whole year has included talks of a revival. One of the cast members has spoken out about his wants if the show ever does return. Ian Harding made it clear that he would like a different network or streaming service to pick the show up to tell the “’Pretty Little Liars’ meets ‘Saw’” experience that so many people have wanted from the beginning.

Would you like to see a bloody murder?

One of the things that Harding said the show needed was a bloody murder.

There was certainly a storyline or two available for it, but fans were never given the chance to see it. That’s due to the audience of the show and the network it aired on. “PLL” was picked up by Freeform (at that point ABC Family) and was aimed at the younger generations. It was for those who had most likely read the teen-aimed books.

Other members of the cast and the showrunner I. Marlene King have shared other ideas for a “PLL” reboot. They’re not quite as gory as Harding’s idea to bring the “Saw” element into it, but there is certainly the focus on a more grown-up show.

Would ‘PLL’ have handled A differently if they were older?

Tyler Blackburn has shared his thoughts on a reboot in a few years time.

He thinks that if the characters were a little older, handling A would have been very different. It’s worth remembering that the main characters were all 16-17 in the first episode. The first five seasons only covered two years or so of high school and it was only then that there was a five year time jump.

Blackburn believes that Pretty Little Liars would have been different if they were older when they started out.

They would have turned to the authorities sooner rather than play detective themselves. By the time they got into their 20s, they were in far too deep to even consider a different action and they had the experience of dealing with a masked potential murderer already.

What do you think about the ideas for a “PLL reboot? Could it happen? King says not within the next two years, but it looks like there are fans for a more grown-up, gorier storyline in the future.