People are not happy about the names Kylie Jenner has given her new line of blushes. The 19-year-old owner of Kylie Cosmetics announced on Tuesday, March 21 that she has five new blushes available for sale. The public is not upset about the blushes themselves, but they are upset about the provocative names she has assigned to them. Most people say the entrepreneur has crossed the line considering her followers are teenage girls who look up to her. She is one of the top 10 most followed celebrities on Instagram.

Name of the blushes

The collection that Kylie has launched includes five matte blushes with a range of different bright colors in coral, bubblegum pink, and red.

Names of the blushes include “X Rated,” “Barely Legal,” “Virginity,” and “Hot and Bothered.” The only acceptable name is a red blush named "Hopeless Romantic." These names don't send a good message to the reality star's followers. Parents say they are not willing to allow their teenage girls to purchase blushes with those sexy names. Of course, the girls might sneak and purchase them without their parents' knowledge.

Comments about name of blushes

Most of the comments on social media about the name of the blushes are negative. One person tweeted that Kylie probably knew she would stir up talk when she assigned controversial names to her new collection of blushes. So far, Kylie has not addressed the comments about the names.

This is the second time this month that the reality star has been bombarded with derogatory remarks about her products. Many customers received empty boxes after they ordered her new line of highlighters that she calls “Kylighters.” So far, Jenner has not responded to comments about the names of her blushes or the empty boxes for the highlighters.

In 2015, Jenner launched Kylie Cosmetics on an ecommerce website. Her brand includes 21 lipstick colors along with other cosmetics.

Kylie should be careful. Last summer she receive an F rating from the Better Business Bureau. What do you think Kylie will do about the names of her blushes? Do you think she will rename them so parents will be more willing to allow their teens to purchase them?