A new “Pokemon GO” event, which includes once more Pikachu and other special items, will be the new thing that Niantic brings to celebrate a new event in style. According to a source close to Niantic, which is based in Japan, this will be good news for fans, because with the new update users will get more new Pikachu and a series of special hats. It is worth mentioning that fans have been speculating for weeks about the new details that will be included in this new and upcoming big event.

Next big in-game event and new update coming

The 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise is about to come to pass, along with the launch of the 20th Pokemon movie, which is slated to be released next July.

Pokemon players will be able to download the new Pikachu models, which will appear wearing an Ash hat. Obtaining these prized hats will be possible by obtaining a new code, however, for this it is necessary for fans to pre-order tickets for the new movie. According to the promotion, Niantic will be doing a similar launch, which includes new enhancements, as well as a new update.

A new agreement between Niantic and TOHO for 'Pokemon GO'

According to new information filtered by the animated magazine (Daily Start), the prestigious Japanese film chain TOHO has reached an important agreement with Niantic, which is directly related to “Pokemon GO." With this new agreement, Niantic will try to keep users entertained with new events until the launch of the new and long-awaited event of Legendary Pokemon.

As we all know, Pokemon introduced new Pikachu hats on two recent occasions, at Christmas, and most recently last February. It is worth mentioning that in the new promotional video of TOHO, Pikachu is shown in a Pokestop spitting out several Pokeballs with Ash's hat.

Additional information

Game director John Hanke earlier announced that three major updates would hit “Pokemon GO” this year, so we can safely assume that one of them will be reserved for the release of the Legendary Pokemon.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.