Chloe Lattanzi, who is the only child of the iconic singer Olivia Newton-John, has some major regrets today about the thousands of dollars she's shelled out for a face and body transformation. It's not the money, it is the results she is facing after going under the knife, or in Chloe's case, many knives.

The 31-year-old has been a subject of rumors lately claiming that she spent more than $500,000 for plastic surgery in her face and body transformation. While Chloe has denied spending that much, she does reveal that she spent thousands and walked away with problems, including a "botched boob job," according to Yahoo News.

There's a certain look of someone who has had massive procedures done on their face. There are different levels, like that woman who went to the extreme with procedures and now looks very cat-like because of too much plastic surgery. She is seen below in a tweet.

While Chloe didn't go as far as the woman above, who has become a famous face because of her many surgeries, Chloe doesn't look anything like she used to. She does have that sculpted look that is becoming a rather generic appearance for women who undergo a massive amount of fillers and sculpting of the face.

Olivia Newton-John's daughter has had two breast augmentations, describing her first one at only 18-years-old as being botched.

She said her first boob job "mutilated her." As you can see in the tweet below, there's a before and after version of Chloe and is a gorgeous woman.

Chloe was beautiful, to begin with, looking very much like a young version of Olivia Newton-John, her mother. She looked that way naturally, but today she does have the similar look that many celebrities sport because of plastic surgery.

While Chloe is not ugly by any means of the imagination, she is very fabricated looking, as you can see all the changes in her face from before and after.

She has been in the news on and off over the last few years because of her drastic change in looks due to plastic surgery. In the picture below her lips are extremely plump, but do they look natural?

In a recent interview, Chloe revealed how she battled anorexia and body dysmorphia as a teenager and later on, alcohol and drugs. She became engaged to in 2015 to James Driskill and she credits her fiancee for helping her through her recovery. She admits that her lips looked "ridiculous" after her implants and she was mutilated by her first boob job, which was something else that Chloe revealed.

Over the years it was rumored that she's even had ribs removed to get a smaller waist. She denies going that far, but she does admit to multiple procedures. Today Chloe is ready to reverse the procedures she's had done over the years.