You might never look at Donald trump the same after seeing this Trump troll doll. It is the creation of a very talented artist who once worked with the Walt Disney as a sculptor, where he created all types of inanimate objects as a part of his job. The troll doll was made out of pure angst by Chuck Williams who was not at all happy about the outcome of the presidential election. His disappointment allowed him to take liberties with this troll doll spawned in the likeness of Trump.

Nasty looking troll doll

You have to admit it is a disturbing image of Trump, the 45th president of the United States.

The face is a caricature of Trump's face, but there's no mistaking who this is, especially with the hurricane swept mane of hair on top of his head.

You also have to admit that Williams went a tad overboard around the eyebrow area, as well as the puffiness of the Trump troll's eyes. This troll doll has some distinct features like a very small penis and Tiny Hands. The Trump troll doll is holding an Android cell phone in one of those tiny hands as well. The phone reflects Trump's infatuation with Twitter.

Williams created the Trump Troll doll and put it on his Facebook page to share with friends and family, but instead of these folks just having a good laugh over the Trump troll, they all wanted one of their own.

$25 a pop

Williams took to Kickstarter, and, by offering up the Troll doll as a pre-order for $25 a pop, he was able to raise the money he needs to start manufacturing the dolls as soon as he finds the right place to do so.

While the Trump troll dolls are offered up for pre-orders today, if you do order a troll, it could take a year before they are made, according to Mashable.

This isn't the first time that Trump's image has been borrowed to create a doll. A lot of bobble heads were created using the image of Trump's face, but many are of a positive nature.

Bobble head Trump

Trump even liked one of the bobble heads made during his campaign and vowed to put one in the Oval Office when he won. That was back on the campaign trail and Trump didn't say "if" he won the election, it was "when" he won the presidential race.